We well understand that Victory is forged not only with the help of high-precision weapons. First of all, Victory will be achieved thanks to those military heroes who are now liberating kilometer by kilometer the territory of our country, which was encroached by the bloody half-empire.

The NGO "Power of Support" opens the "Realization of a Hero's Dream" program, where the heroes of the war - indomitable warriors, fighters and volunteers who were captured or wounded, talk about what helped them to win, survive and inspire them. With your help, we will make such a hero's dream come true.

The first heroine will be Mariana Mamonova - the captain of the medical service, a military medic of the 36th brigade of the marines, who was captured in Mariupol. Only then did she find out she was pregnant, spent terrible days in the infamous concentration camp Olenivka, and when she returned for exchange to a controlled territory, gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

In her interview with Vasilisa Frolova, Mariana said that since childhood she dreamed of visiting the resort town of Portofino, which is located in Italy near Genoa. Historically, this is a fishing village located on the shore of a picturesque bay of the Ligurian Sea. Portofino is one of the most photogenic small coastal towns in Italy, famous for its beautiful nature, colorful coastal houses and a relaxing atmosphere soaked in sun and sea. This is a real "Ligurian pearl", which has become a famous resort. According to Mamonova, it was her dreams of traveling to Portofino with her husband that helped her endure all the horrors of captivity in Olenivka.

So, with our help, Mariana Mamonova with her husband and little daughter will soon go to Italy, so that the heroine's dream will become a reality. Follow our information.